Memorialize Any Building!
Churches, schools, even homes can be crafted by hand into a beautiful representation in blocks of wood that children and adults will enjoy building! Photos and a basic floor plan may be all we need to create your building in a set of blocks.  A sturdy, hand crafted storage box and building plans are included with your set.  Pricing varies according to size and complexity.  Contact us to discuss your project!
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Building to Blocks
St. Pauls Indy memorialized as a gift to their Youth Department on the occasion of their 150th Anniversary
Building Instructions
Each set comes with easy to follow building instructions.
Hand Crafted Wooden Storage Box
A wooden storage box custom made for each set of blocks is included.
Children and adults alike will enjoy building your building and creating their own variations!
Fun for all ages!
"Kids" of all ages will enjoy seeing a building they love created with wooden blocks!
Hardwood Maple Blocks
Blocks are hand crafted in hard maple and roofing panels from premium birch plywood.
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