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Westwork Designs

Rose Window Merchandise

If you've ever visited a cathedral, you might have noticed a dramatic circular stained glass window dominating one or more of the walls. This type of window is called a rose window or a wheel window.
Every element of this ancient architectural feature has meaning. Even the effect of light pouring through the stained glass is not simply decorative but meant to convey a sense of the divine pouring in from above. Their symbolism lies in geometry, and the sense that many parts make a whole. The shapes represent innumerable concepts of the Christian Church. The central shape representing Christ with all other facets radiating from the central source of light; triangles, or groupings of three shapes representing the Trinity, or 12 shapes for the apostles, etc. During some periods the shapes themselves were filled with stained glass depictions of biblical stories or the teachings of Christ.

Our products bearing our Rose Window designs are a tribute to this meaningful element of classic cathedral architecture.

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