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Crossword Cubed is a spelling puzzle with a twist!  The object is to spell three letter words across and down simultaneously.  A simple puzzle that will test your skill and patience!  It is also a meticulously hand-crafted reproduction of the original game by Steven Hurd that was awarded a Purchase Award in the Arkansas Arts Center Decorative Arts Museum's 18th Annual Toys By Artists Show, and is now in the Museum's permanent collection . 1.5 in solid maple cubes come in a handcrafted box made from premium cherry.  Letters are hand-stamped with quality printer's ink and finished with hand-rubbed protectant.  Each set comes with six (6) double-sided cards with a selection of three letter words taken from a typical Kindergarten spelling list.  The puzzle can be used to teach childnen to spell, incorporating visual and tactile experiences.

Crossword Cubed

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