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Throughout history, trees have always had a special spiritual significance.  My SPIRIT BOXES were designed to contain the mystical properties of the tree.

The Boxes are  available in five different woods and do not open, but are sealed on all sides with tiny finger joints, sealing inside the special qualities of each tree. It is accompanied by a gift card illustrating the individual properties of the tree from which it was crafted. 

Cherry:  The Tree of the heart, the Cherry tree represents love, compassion and healing.

Walnut: Represents clarity and focus, intelligence and mental gifts.

Oak: One of the most sacred trees, it represents strenght of character, strength and health. It carries the energy of kingship and wise rule, protection and endurance.

Maple: Represents change, adaptation, learning.  It holds the qualities of loyalty, healing and self-sacrifice.

Mahogany: Represents spiritual growth, guidance, and  emotional healing. 


Spirit Boxes

SKU: SB1054689
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